Web Editorial

Dozens of articles as Contributing Editor to Test Freaks, including:
Is Spell Check Making Us Stupid?, The How Stuff Works Series, Second Life is Dead, Are Wii Fit Yet? and Windows 7 Was My Idea, to sprinkle some cheese.

Around 100 articles as Senior Editor for now-defunct Addicted Gamer in 2009, including the fascinating:
The Top 9 Musically Impacted Video Games, Holy Crap, Way Too Many Music Games and Walden Pond + Henry David Thoreau, to name a few.

Various techy articles for BonaFide Reviews, iGadgetLife, DragonSteel Mods, Mobility Digest, Xbox 360 Digest, WhichGadget, to provide one example of each.

Boatloads of articles as contributing editor for Grid World News, a Second Life news outlet. (Now offline, click for archived examples): A Slimy Tradition De-Shelled, Artist Profile: James Grasshopper, Chernobyl, Linden.

Web Copy

Majority of the copy on Lightwave International‘s Civic & Special events sections, as well as other areas of the site.

All copy on Alpha Psi Rodeo website (also design, graphics, creation, etc.)

The entirety of now-nonexistent Freshman Camp, Colleague Connect, Broadside Magazine and Americans Abroad.  May they rest in the wayback machine in peace.


A number of copy jobs for Golf Galaxy, including direct mail pieces, mailers, in-store signage, email blasts and more.  Unable to showcase due to NDA.

Press Releases

Global Ride – All press releases on site.
Cycling Fusion’s “Il Giretto d’Italia” LiveSTRONG fundraiser.


Killer Guide to Building and Creating in Second Life – Killer Guides, 2008


This one, fool.


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