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12 Angry Men

What does “12 Angry Men” say about democracy and American civic duty?

How does “12 Angry Men” use cinematography to build tension during the film?

Would “12 Angry Men’s” jury composition and behaviors be acceptable in court?

A Clockwork Orange

How did the collaboration of Kubrick and Alcott perfect “A Clockwork Orange’s” dystopian aesthetic?

What is the Ludovico Technique in “A Clockwork Orange,” and how does it work?

A Girl Walks Home Alone at Night

In “A Girl Walks Home Alone at Night,” what’s the significance of the cat?

Is “A Girl Walks Home Alone at Night” feminist cinema?

How does “A Girl Walks Home Alone at Night” defy western ideas of Middle Eastern culture?

How does the implication of “A Girl Walks Home Alone at Night’s” title get reversed by the plot?

In “A Girl Walks Home Alone at Night,” what’s with all the oil refineries and power plants?

What is the time period of “A Girl Walks Home Alone at Night” supposed to be?

What is the origin of “A Girl Walks Home Alone at Night”? Is it actually Iranian cinema?

Why was “A Girl Walks Home Alone at Night” shot in black and white? Why is atmosphere so important?

A Streetcar Named Desire

How does “A Streetcar Named Desire” serve as a requiem for the Old South?

How does “A Streetcar Named Desire” use light and darkness as a motif?

In “A Streetcar Named Desire,” what are the thematic connections between sexual desire and death?

In what ways are “Blue Jasmine” and “A Streetcar Named Desire” similar?

After Hours

In what ways is the “After Hours” story similar to “The Wizard of Oz”?

What role do scars and burns play in “After Hours”?

In “After Hours,” what is the meaning of Paul disappearing during the end credits?


After “Alien,” was Ripley the defining game changer for women’s portrayals in scifi and horror?

What’s the story behind the guy who played the “Alien” xenomorph?

All About Eve

How does “All About Eve” examine identity, sexism, and ageism in regards to fame and success?

Is Eve in “All About Eve” a lesbian villain seen through Cold War-era homophobic paranoia?

American Horror Story: Hotel

Is “American Horror Story: Hotel” recycling horror tropes and clichés?

What horrors happened at the real-life hotel that “American Horror Story: Hotel” uses as inspiration?

American Psycho

Is Patrick Bateman in “American Psycho” actually a serial killer, or is it in his head?

Ballet 422

What is the significance behind “Ballet 422’s” title?

What does “Ballet 422’s” ending suggest?

How do dancer ranking systems seen in “Ballet 422” work in professional dance companies?

In “Ballet 422,” who is the man assisting Justin Peck with his production?

What makes “Ballet 422’s” approach towards storytelling unique?

Bates Motel

How does “Bates Motel” draw comparisons between Norman’s and Caleb’s relationships with Norma?

Why did the show creators set “Bates Motel” in the modern day?

Beasts of No Nation

How does “Beasts of No Nation” explore the way children are exploited into becoming killers?

How did “Beasts of No Nation” director Cary Fukunaga go about making the film?


How accurate is “Bessie” as a portrayal of Bessie Smith’s adult life?

How is the ending of “Bessie” an ominous foreshadowing of Bessie Smith’s actual fate?

Is “Bessie” accurate in its depcition of Bessie Smith’s childhood?

Did “Bessie” accurately reflect Bessie Smith’s sexuality and relationships?

As seen in “Bessie,” was one of Bessie Smith’s tent shows actually interrupted by the KKK?

Does “Bessie” suffer from a lack of character motivations?

“Bessie” is billed as “22 years in the making” – what does that mean?

Who was Ma Rainey, and how did she inspire Bessie Smith?

Better Call Saul

What is symbolic about taking Marco’s ring in the “Better Call Saul” Season 1 finale?

Why does Chuck almost open the door at the end of the “Better Call Saul” season 1 finale?

What input does Bob Odenkirk have on the creation of his “Better Call Saul” character?

Why does “Better Call Saul” open with Jimmy working at a Nebraska Cinnabon?

On “Better Call Saul,” what is the history between Jimmy and Kim?

In “Better Call Saul,” who is the other Hamlin?

What role does family play on the construct of “Better Call Saul’s” main characters?

How does “Better Call Saul” relate to Breaking Bad? Why create a spinoff?

Black Mass

Will “Black Mass” remind audiences how talented Johnny Depp can be when cast in the right projects?

What time period of Whitey Bulger’s criminal life does “Black Mass” encompass?

What is the true history of “Black Mass’s” Whitey Bulger?

Black Sea

How did production film “Black Sea?” Was an actual submarine used?

Did the character of Fraser in “Black Sea” suffer from motivational conflicts?

In “Black Sea,” why couldn’t Robinson escape the sub with the others?


Who actually composed the “Blackhat” score?

How does “Blackhat” employ Michael Mann’s trademark visual style?

What are “Blackhat’s” observations about living in an interconnected world?

Was “Blackhat” inspired by any real-life cyber attacks?

Blue Jasmine

How did Blanchett’s performance in “Blue Jasmine” transform the character Woody Allen had written?

Based on character evidence, was the fate of “Blue Jasmine’s” title character an inevitable outcome?

In “Blue Jasmine,” why does Ginger put up with Jasmine and listen to what she says?

Breaking Bad

On “Breaking Bad,” what is Gustavo Fring’s background?

How did the cast of characters of “Breaking Bad” evolve as the seasons progressed?


Is “Cake” an effective look at dealing with pain and overcoming trauma?

How does “Cake” utilize racial and class divisions to establish its characters?

Was revealing the cause of Claire’s trauma so late in “Cake” a smart move?

In “Cake,” why did Claire recline her car seat all the way back?

In “Cake,” what drew Jennifer Aniston to the role of Claire?


Is “Captive” based on a true story?


Does “Chappie” bring anything new to the “what if tech went sentient” discussion?

What does “Chappie” contribute to the idea of nature vs. nurture?

Why cast Die Antwoord in “Chappie”? What is Zef? Was all the obvious product placement good or bad?

How did “Chappie” achieve the robot’s effects? Is his body model an effective visual design?

Does the focus on Chappie’s character development destroy the rest of this film’s characters?

Does “Chappie” cast a positive or negative light on potential for immortality through technology?

Close Encounters of the Third Kind

Was the original theatrical ending of “Close Encounters” different than later cuts?

How did “Close Encounters of the Third Kind” receive input from astronomer Dr. J. Allen Hynek?

Is “Close Encounters of the Third Kind” partially about humanity’s desire to understand itself?


Does “Crash” indirectly perpetuate some racist and classist ideals?

Why is “Crash” so loved or hated by audiences?

How does “Crash” represent W.E.B. Du Bois’ concept of Double Consciousness through character action?

Crisis Hotline: Veterans Press 1

How did the “Crisis Hotline: Veterans Press 1” filmmakers get access to the crisis center?

How do the hotline responders seen in “Crisis Hotline” manage their own emotional challenges?

How did “Crisis Hotline: Veterans Press 1” approach its material, and what is the film’s goal?

Der Nachtmahr

What is “Der Nachtmahr” actually about? Is it open to interpretation?

What are some of the influences “Der Nachtmahr” draws from?

How does the sensory assault in “Der Nachtmahr” serve the film?

Digging For Fire

In “Digging for Fire,” what is the metaphorical significance of the bone and gun?

Why did director Joe Swanberg dedicate “Digging for Fire” to filmmaker Paul Mazursky?

How does “Digging for Fire” use landscapes to assist its story?

Double Indemnity

What is the song heard through the window during the climax of “Double Indemnity”?

Why is Phyllis in “Double Indemnity” hailed as one of cinema’s greatest femme fatales?

Fear the Walking Dead

Did the “Fear the Walking Dead” Season 1 finale kick the series onto the level of “The Walking Dead”?

What makes “Fear The Walking Dead,” as a concept, work?

How does “Fear the Walking Dead” use background effects to instill a sense of dread?

Why was “Fear The Walking Dead” chosen as a title?

Is the production team for “Fear The Walking Dead” the same as “The Walking Dead’s” team?

Will “Fear the Walking Dead” focus on the human perspective like “The Walking Dead”?

Will “Fear The Walking Dead” explain what caused the zombie outbreak?

How does “Fear The Walking Dead” relate to the established “Walking Dead” series?

Forrest Gump

How was Greenbow, Alabama, in “Forrest Gump” influenced by the art of Norman Rockwell?

Should “Forrest Gump” be viewed as conservative propaganda?


In “Frozen,” did Kristoff know Anna was the one healed by the trolls when they were kids?

Is “Frozen’s” Elsa’s character a contentious feminist heroine compared to past Disney princesses?

What theories intertwine “Frozen” with “Tangled,” “The Little Mermaid,” and even “Tarzan’s” story?

Furious 7

How have “Furious 7,” and the overall Fast & Furious franchise, become such a huge success?

What inspired “Furious 7” director James Wan, a horror director, to work on the film?

Did “Furious 7’s” filmmakers really drop cars out of an airplane?

How did the filmmakers of “Furious 7” handle the death of Paul Walker during production?

Game of Thrones

In “Game of Thrones,” what (or who) are the White Walkers?

When exactly is winter coming in “Game of Thrones”? What does that even mean?

What is the true history behind Cersei’s “Game of Thrones” walk of shame scene and how was it shot?

Which “Game of Thrones” book characters absent from the show does George R.R. Martin miss the most?

In the “Game of Thrones’” Season 5 finale, did Jon Snow really die? Where can the show go next?

Do women actually run the “Game of Thrones” world? What is the show’s view on gender?

What does “Game of Thrones” say about love? How does that apply to life in Westeros?

In “Game of Thrones,” who attempted to murder Bran when he was in the coma, and why?

In “Game of Thrones,” what is the motivation behind the Faceless Men and the Many-Faced God?

In “Game of Thrones,” who are the Children of the Forest, and what is Bran doing?

In “Game of Thrones,” are outsiders the most powerful characters?

Get On Up

Why did “Get On Up” director Tate Taylor decide to break the fourth wall during the film?

For “Get On Up,” how did Chadwick Boseman learn Brown’s moves and physicality?

Does “Get On Up” examine the complexity of Brown’s music and how it was written?

How accurate is “Get On Up” to real life?


What tropes and themes did “Halloween” help introduce to the horror genre?

The Hateful Eight

What is unique about “The Hateful Eight’s” cinematography?

Hector and the Search for Happiness

How are the characters in “Hector and the Search for Happiness” designed as story archetypes?

What lesson did Hector learn about happiness when he visited China?

Are depictions of different cultures in “Hector and the Search for Happiness” racist, or juvenile?

In “Hector,” what is the significance of the multi-colored Chinese flags?

Highlander: The Series

How does the 1990s “Highlander” series fit into the continuity of the “Highlander” universe?

What is the origin of “Highlander’s” immortals, and what are their rules?

His Girl Friday

Did “His Girl Friday” reflect the behaviors of classic news men or help create the stereotype?

Why is the female lead in “His Girl Friday” crucial to the film’s success?

What made the dialogue of “His Girl Friday” so revolutionary in 1940?


Does “Horns” make a hero out of the Devil?

Why does Radcliffe say he’s been attracted to dark material like “Horns” in his adult career?

How does “Horns” balance Ig’s transformation into a demon against his quest for innocence?

Are all the hell and devil metaphors in “Horns” effective or distracting for the film’s tone?

Hot Girls Wanted

Does “Hot Girls Wanted” ignore that pornography is a reflection of societal demands?

What does “Hot Girls Wanted” say about the meaning of fame and success in 2015?

Is “Hot Girls Wanted” one-sided in its representation of the porn industry?

How I Live Now

Is Daisy’s determination to get back to Eddie in “How I Live Now” believable?

Was the nuclear explosion scene in “How I Live Now” scientifically accurate? Is that important?

How did the filmmakers tonally contrast the first half of “How I Live Now” with the second half?

In “How I Live Now,” what may be the motivation behind not identifying the enemy of World War III?

How did war in “How I Live Now” transform Daisy’s character?


Does the “Humans” finale successfully explore the volatile human-AI thematic dangers it created?

How does “Humans” make heroes out of its female characters, especially in the Season One finale?

How does “Episode 7” of “Humans” pack a lot of late-season character development into the episode?

How has “Humans” developed the Elster Synth family members to represent various human personalities?

How did “Humans” Season One, Episode 5 change the status quo for many of its main characters?

How does “Humans” examine the risks of letting machines command our lives’ interpersonal roles?

Does “Humans” “Episode Two” suggest we humans are our own worst enemies?

How does “Humans” “Episode Two” build upon the drama of its sexy Synths?

What questions does “Humans” suggest real humans will have to consider when this level of AI is real?

How does the “Humans” pilot explore the balance between artificial intelligence and sentience?

Who is involved with AMC’s “Humans?” Why remake a Swedish show for British/USA audiences?

How did the actors in “Humans” prepare for their roles as artificial intelligence Synths?

What should “Humans” hope to add to discourse about the relationship between humans and lifelike AI?

Indiana Jones and the Temple of Doom

How did the human sacrifice in “The Temple of Doom” survive after his heart was ripped out?

What was the Indian response to “Indiana Jones and The Temple of Doom” upon release?

After “Indiana Jones and The Temple of Doom,” what happened to Short Round?

Why is “The Temple of Doom” so much darker than the other “Indiana Jones” titles?

Jeremy Scott: The People’s Designer

What life lesson does “Jeremy Scott: The People’s Designer” teach?

Jupiter Ascending

Can the plot of “Jupiter Ascending” be explained in a quick summary?

What is the origin of the word Abrasax in “Jupiter Ascending?” Why was it chosen?

How does “Jupiter Ascending” critique modern market culture and income disparity among classes?

How does the science of “Jupiter Ascending” contradict scientific realities in genomics?

In “Jupiter Ascending,” why did Balem kill his mother?

In “Jupiter Ascending,” how was Jupiter the reincarnation of the Abrasax’s mother?

At the end of “Jupiter Ascending,” why does Jupiter go back to cleaning toilets?

For “Jupiter Ascending,” how did they create the effect of Caine’s levitating boots?

Kingsman: The Secret Service

How does “Kingsman” draw from and subvert classic spy movie franchises?

Why were the agents in “Kingsman” asked to shoot a dog as their final training act?

What would the world look like at the beginning of a “Kingsman” sequel?

Last Hijack

How did the filmmakers of “Last Hijack” get access to such a dangerous setting?

Should “Last Hijack” have spent more time on the story of the anti-piracy radio station?

Who provided the “Last Hijack” animation?

Is “Last Hijack” criticizing piracy, or just observing criminal life in a different environment?

How does “Last Hijack” utilize animated sequences?

How does “Last Hijack” approach its subject matter without passing judgment?

Leon: The Professional

In “Léon: The Professional,” how are sexual and mature concepts presented between the characters?

How was Natalie Portman discovered and cast in “Léon: The Professional” at such a young age?

What are the differences between “Léon: The Professional’s” various cuts?

Did Tony in “Léon: The Professional” ever intend to give Léon his money?

In “Léon: The Professional,” why do they drink so much milk?

Life Itself

Why did Steve James, director of “Life Itself,” exclude mention of Richard Roeper from the film?

For “Life Itself,” what was the filmmakers’ approach to the film? How did Roger Ebert influence it?

How is “Life Itself” at times a portrait of death, keeping secrets and our reactions to it?

How does “Life Itself” provide a deeper look at the tumultuous relationship between Siskel and Ebert?

Who provided the narration in “Life Itself,” which sounds exceptionally like Roger Ebert’s own voice?

Love & Mercy

How did “Love & Mercy” stars Paul Dano and John Cusack prepare for their roles? Why cast both?

What makes “Love & Mercy” an unusual music biopic?

How did the “Love & Mercy” filmmakers create such real-looking faux documentary footage?

How did “Love & Mercy” composer Atticus Ross handle scoring the film?


What was Stephen Belber’s approach to translating “Match” from stage to screen?

Are the most captivating scenes in “Match” the dramatic highs or the calmer moments?

How did Patrick Stewart’s stage background prepare him for his “Match” performance?

McFarland USA

How is Disney’s underdog sports movie formula seen in “McFarland USA” still effective?

Is “McFarland USA” another “white messiah” narrative, or a balanced look at cultural exchange?

Why did “McFarland USA” create the fake backstory about Jim White being fired from his other school?

Did the bridge scene depicted in “McFarland USA” actually happen?

Men & Chicken

How does the revelation at the end of “Men and Chicken” reflect each brother’s personality?

Are the biblical references in “Men and Chicken” intentional? What do they mean?

What is the tone of “Men and Chicken” and why does it work?

Modern Family

In the faux-documentary of “Modern Family,” who are the characters talking to?

Modern Times

Why did Chaplin make “Modern Times” as a silent film, a decade after the invention of talkies?

How does “Modern Times” define the core values of Chaplin’s Little Tramp character?

How does “Modern Times” illustrate Karl Marx’s theory of Alienation?

Monk With a Camera

Seen in “Monk With a Camera,” who is Khyongla Rato Rinpoche and how did he guide Vreeland’s journey?

Is “Monk With a Camera” a close look at Vreeland’s Buddhist evolution, or a superficial show & tell?

What is the point of “Monk With a Camera” telling Vreeland’s story?

In “Monk With a Camera,” how does Vreeland justify continuing with photography during his monkhood?

As told in “Monk With a Camera,” how did Irving Penn’s photography contribute to Vreeland’s style?

Kurt Cobain: Montage of Heck

Is “Montage of Heck” a pro-Courtney Love film?

Is Buzz Osborne’s comment that “Montage of Heck” is 90% BS reasonable to believe?

For “Kurt Cobain: Montage of Heck,” who created the original animations?

Does “Montage of Heck” suggest Cobain’s biggest problems were the product of his childhood?

Why is it that documentaries like “Montage of Heck” spur debates about their validity and agenda?

Mulholland Drive

In “Mulholland Drive,” what happened at Club Silencio?

How can one interpret the narrative chronology of “Mulholland Drive”?

Is Diane in “Mulholland Drive” a call girl? What’s her story?

My Skinny Sister

How does the point of view used in “My Skinny Sister” service the story?

In the making of “My Skinny Sister,” what factors influenced the story and casting?

Night of the Living Dead

How did “Night of the Living Dead” create the idea of the zombie as it’s known today?

Why did “Night of the Living Dead” spark controversy after its release?


What is “Nightcrawler” writer/director Dan Gilroy’s intended message for the film?

North by Northwest

How did “North by Northwest” achieve the look of filming on the face of Mt. Rushmore?

Was Vandamm’s “North by Northwest” house on Mt. Rushmore real?

In “North by Northwest,” why is Thornhill mistaken for Kaplan?

How did “North by Northwest” pave the way for future action films, particularly the Bond series?

What is a Maguffin, and how does “North by Northwest” utilize one?

What does the title “North by Northwest” mean?

Our Last Tango

How does “Our Last Tango” highlight the divide between emotional and artistic love?

What are the highs and lows of “Our Last Tango” as a documentary versus a performance record?

What does “Our Last Tango” do to creatively tell the historical stories of its core subjects?


What scientific ideas does “Parallels” draw from to craft its premise?

What are some of the questions “Parallels” raises that could be answered in a series?

Why does “Parallels” feel like it’s only the start of a larger story?


How did Oliver Stone’s approach to “Platoon” differ from other war films?

How does “Platoon” explore the duality of man?

Rear Window

Was “Rear Window” shot in an actual apartment courtyard or an elaborate set?

How does Hitchcock use “Rear Window” to define gender roles in cinema of the time?

Does Jeff and Lisa’s “Rear Window” banter parallel the dramas across the courtyard?

In “Rear Window,” what is Hitchcock’s attitude about voyeurism?

In “Rear Window,” what is unique about the use of sound and music?

How did “Rear Window” choreograph the actions of all its actors across such a large set?

Ricki and the Flash

For “Ricki and the Flash,” how did Meryl Streep transform into a believable rockstar?

Rosemary’s Baby

How does “Rosemary’s Baby” create realistic psychological terror?

Run Lola Run

What do “Run Lola Run” and “Crash” have in common?

What is the significance of “Run Lola Run’s” opening quotations?

In “Run Lola Run,” what is the meaning of Lola’s screaming?

In “Run Lola Run,” who is the man in the ambulance?

Why does “Run Lola Run” incorporate animated sequences?

How does “Run Lola Run” demonstrate chaos theory’s butterfly effect?

Did only the last sequence in “Run Lola Run” actually happen, or did all three?


In the “Saw” franchise, what are the philosophy and motivations behind Jigsaw’s actions?

Scream Queens

Is the intentional absurdity of “Scream Queens” its key to success or quickly tiresome?


Why is the titular character in “Serena” regularly compared to Lady Macbeth?

What took “Serena,” a film shot in 2012, so long to be released?

Is the panther in “Serena” a metaphor for Serena herself?

Showrunners: The Art of Running a TV Show

How does “Showrunners” help explain why television shows sometimes produce bad episodes?

What does “Showrunners” reveal about the personalities of many of television’s notable showrunners?

How does “Showrunners” explore how the Internet age has turned showrunners into public figures?

Singin’ in the Rain

Why was the title song in “Singin’ in the Rain” so challenging to film?

How does “Singin’ in the Rain” constantly play at revealing the phoniness of Hollywood?

How does “Singin” use music and setting to shift Don’s love from the fictional to real world?

Sleepless in Seattle

What’s the meaning of the tiramisu joke in “Sleepless in Seattle”?

Outside the romantic comedy structure, would Annie in “Sleepless in Seattle” be seen as a stalker?

The Sound of Music

What does “The Sound of Music” say about the power of balanced parenting on children?

How was “The Sound of Music” received by German audiences upon release?

What is the true story behind “The Sound of Music’s” gazebo scenes?

Was the Von Trapp mansion in “The Sound of Music,” with its vast grounds and gazebo, an actual home?

As seen in “The Sound of Music,” did the Von Trapps escape the Nazis by hiking over the mountains?


Will Louise’s baby in “Spring” have the same mysterious powers?

Is Louise’s condition in “Spring” a metaphor for the challenges of intimacy?

What motivated “Spring’s” various lighting and camera effects, and its Italian setting?

What clues does “Spring” offer that Louise was previously Angelo’s wife?

In “Spring,” why did Louise turn into various animals and creatures?

Stand By Me

How did Rob Reiner cast four child actors in “Stand By Me” who captured the roles and story so well?

What is the significance of “Stand by Me’s” final line?

In “Stand By Me,” how did they film the train chase scene?

In “Stand By Me,” what is the significance of the deer seen by Gordie?

Star Trek: Deep Space Nine

How did “Star Trek: Deep Space Nine” explore the duality of terrorism?

On “Star Trek: Deep Space Nine,” why is Sisko referred to as “captain”?

What are some ways in which “Star Trek: DS9” is a tonally darker show than its predecessors?

Star Trek: The Original Series

How did “Star Trek” aim to be progressive with its casting choices?

How did “Star Trek” reflect 1960s sentiments about war, peace, and other social issues?

What was “Star Trek” creator Gene Roddenberry’s vision for the series?

Star Trek: The Next Generation

Would Data on “Star Trek: The Next Generation” take the Kobayashi Maru, and would he pass?

How does Picard on “Star Trek: The Next Generation” choose a warp speed?

How did “Star Trek: The Next Generation” differentiate itself from the original series?

Straight Outta Compton

How accurate are the events of “Straight Outta Compton” to real life?

Teen Beach 2

Why is it culturally important for musicals like “Teen Beach 2” to exist and thrive?

Is the “Teen Beach 2” story founded on flawed logic?

How is “Teen Beach 2’s” twist ending atypical for a Disney film, and does it make sense?

Teen Beach Movie

In “Teen Beach Movie,” how did they achieve style differences between the two time periods?

Who choreographed “Teen Beach Movie,” and what was their approach?

Who wrote the “Teen Beach Movie” music?

Is “Teen Beach Movie” just plain goofy, or a solid homage to a bygone genre?

The Babadook

In “The Babadook,” what are the causes of Sam’s anger, violence, and outbursts?

How does “The Babadook” use technical elements to illustrate the mental states of its characters?

Did the book in “The Babadook” exist? If so, did Amelia make it?

Why is Amelia shown taking worms to feed the Babadook at the end of the film?

What was “The Babadook?” Was it real?

In “The Babadook,” how is Carl Jung’s psychological principle of the “Shadow Aspect” prominent?

What does “The Babadook” say about society’s perception of people with mental health issues?

The Blue Room

Why shoot “The Blue Room” using Academy ratio?

How does the narrative structure of “The Blue Room” serve the film’s material?

In “The Blue Room,” who actually committed the crime?

In “The Blue Room,” what’s the significance of the flies on the walls in the courtroom?

The Boxtrolls

Is “The Boxtrolls” really an allegory of the Holocaust?

What does “The Boxtrolls” say about the dangers of a hierarchical society?

How did “The Boxtrolls” animators combine stop-motion and CGI to create the film’s unique look?

The Cabinet of Dr. Caligari

Why is “The Cabinet of Dr. Caligari” considered the definitive German expressionist film?

How does “The Cabinet of Dr. Caligari” utilize point of view and perception of reality?

The Canal

What parallels does “The Canal” have with “The Shining” in terms of structure?

How does “The Canal” use sound and score to amplify its atmospheric terror?

How does “The Canal” use narrative ambiguity to keep the story going?

In “The Canal,” what happened at the end?

The Forbidden Room

How did “The Forbidden Room” filmmakers create the aged look of the film?

What is the “Séances” internet project by “The Forbidden Room” director Guy Maddin?

How can the composition and structure of “The Forbidden Room” best be described?

Is there a linear story in “The Forbidden Room?” Does it matter?

The Gambler

The Good Wife
The Great Dictator
The Homesman
The Immigrant
The Killing (1956)
The Lazarus Effect
The Leftovers
The Maltese Falcon
The Martian
The Mule
The Quiet Ones
The Seventh Seal
The Tree of Life
The Walking Dead
The Wire
The Wizard of Oz
True Detective: Season Two
Unbreakable Kimmy Schmidt
Veronika Decides to Die
Yesterday, Today and Tomorrow

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