These posts are some of the best.  Says me.  And says you.

So Then They Made Me Get a Fertility Test

…and then I Became an Adult

And Then I Decided to Exercise

A Night of Geek and Betrayal

Cookie Traditions

What’s Your Price?

At Least My Face Wasn’t Eaten

Learn How to Behave on an Airplane, Douchebag

Text I Typed Totally Might Have Been in Wil Wheaton’s House for a Second and That Makes Me Awesome



I drink two beers and watch Star Trek. Then this happens.

No Dog About It Blog

It's all about dogs!

Life on a Colorado Farm

Life on a Colorado Farm (All Rights Reserved)

Graciela Guzman

The musings of an enrollment specialist

Some Offense Intended

The Thoughts and Tribulations of a Socially Inept 20 Something.

The Jiggly Bits

...because life is funny.

Blathering About Nothing

Blathering about nothing in particular since 2010

Lewd, shrewd and slightly skewed.

Unpretentious assessments of circadian circumstances.

The Absurd Words of Gorey Corbin

Nerd alert! Now listen to me ramble.

* NerdyBaker *

I love to bake and am kind of a big nerd. Just don't tell my husband.


What the french, toast?