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Everyone loves to discuss things they watch. It’s the reason you hear so much chatter when leaving a movie theater. It’s the reason shows like Talking Dead have become so successful. People like to gather input and interpretations from others. They like to share and discuss and build upon their own analyses.

But when it comes to the internet, there’s no real great place to do that. You can go to different websites to find analytical articles about different films, or you can find a discussion board in a public forum. You can try Reddit or the IMDB discussion pages, but more often than not, discussions of film and television turn into annoying, hate-filled bouts of namecalling between trolls.  There is no one central authority for interpretation and discussion when it comes to film and TV – until now.

The fine folks over at ScreenPrism have spent the last year developing a website dedicated to quality, digestible analysis of film and television.

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The idea: You watch something and have some questions about it, didn’t quite understand something, or just want to read more. Maybe there’s a theme or a plot point you didn’t quite get. Maybe you somewhat understood the symbolism of something, but wanted to get another person’s interpretation. That’s what ScreenPrism is about. Most importantly, it addresses these types of questions in a way people can understand, not in a boring classroom film theory-type of way.

I’m honored to say that as of May, I joined the ScreenPrism writing staff.  In the seven weeks since, I have already written over 200 articles for the site. I’ve covered television like The Walking Dead, Game of Thrones, Better Call Saul, and True Detective. I’ve looked at newer movies like Bessie, Horns, The Gambler, Jupiter Ascending, and A Girl Walks Home Alone at Night. I’ve examined documentaries like Last Hijack and Kurt Cobain: Montage of Heck, older films like Run Lola Run and Leon The Professional, and classics like The Sound of Music, Rear Window, and The Seventh Seal.

You can visit my contributor page here. While it doesn’t like you to every one of my articles, it lets you see the most recent 100 or so. I haven’t actually counted how many it shows.

The site is still very new, so most of the focus is on currently-airing television shows and recent release movies. Eventually we do want to create a full backlog of everything people could search for, but current productions and the classics come first.

I’m pretty excited about the site and its potential. It was developed by a really great crew that knows a lot about film, so I’m pretty honored to be brought into their fold.  Most importantly, I hope you will go check the site out and enjoy!


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