Launch Info & Initial Product Information

This week has been a busy one. I have some new information about the launch of, what to expect from the store when it opens, and what to expect a little farther down the road.

When we open on January 1, we will be offering a good supply of EPA products – that’s your topical flea and tick medications and such. We’ll also have common OTC pill-based medications, a nice array of vitamins, supplements and other nutraceuticals, as well as popular non-medical supply products. In short – if you could walk into a pet store and purchase it, we’ll be able to sell it from the get-go.

Due to having to jump through a few more legal hoops, we won’t be offering prescription medications at the January 1 launch. That will come a few months later. As I mentioned earlier in the month, AffordableVet exists in conjunction with an in-development veterinary clinic in the Pittsburgh area. Construction on the clinic is scheduled to begin early in 2015, with completion set for the spring. Around that same time, we’ll be all set to massively expand our inventory, offer almost any product you could think of, and begin to fill prescription orders. We’re putting in tons of work to ensure we have everything you could need at prices you can’t find elsewhere when that time comes.

I have received tremendous response to the concept of AffordableVet so far. I encourage you to check it out when we open. Our initial product lineup will be hand-picked by me and our involved veterinarians so we can offer as much selection as possible during the first few months. We also want to keep hearing about the medications you use for your pets, what you need, what you currently pay, and all that other great information you’ve been sending over. Tweet it to me, tell me on Facebook, email me, or comment here. It will all be considered into our expanded product lineup in the spring, when I’m confident we will become your new go-to place for all your pet’s needs.


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