I haven’t had much time for writing throughout the course of 2014. Between work and a pair of one year-olds, the days disappear quicker than ever.

I’ve also been working on something else over the past 11 months, a venture I’ve mentioned in passing a couple times and about which I haven’t divulged much information. The time has almost come for it to be a real thing, and I’m pretty excited. The bulk of my free time since last winter has been spent developing this project along with one of my oldest friends.

prescription otc pet medications is a unique online veterinary
supply launching on January 1, 2015.

There are many things driving this company. Foremost is that we wanted to be able to help people across the country access top products for their pets at low costs.  We also hate how messy, confusing, and full of unnecessary information most online pet pharmacies are. They are usually covered with walls of text nobody wants to read, phony marketing and sales offers, and just aren’t fun to shop. Worst off, their prices aren’t always that good. Just because PetMeds® says they have low prices doesn’t mean they do.

In fact, 100% of the products on are less than the same product on PetMeds®.

And that’s our thing. We made a store that is easy to use, nice to look at, gives you the product information you really need to know, and offers free shipping on every medication order, regardless of cost. We also guarantee our prices can’t be beat.

We want you to be able to go to our store, find your product, see the  price, and buy it – so you can get on with your life.

It’s taken us a lot of time, hard work and investment to put this  together. We will be constantly expanding our product line, but we’re launching with most of the top Rx and OTC preventative products on the market, along with other medications, toys, and pet supplies. I really encourage you to check it out when it goes live. Let me know what you think, and tell me your feedback/comments/questions/concerns. This is a customer-focused business, so we will be taking customer input very seriously as we move forward. is being created in affiliation with A Step Up Veterinary, an in-development veterinary outfit here in the Pittsburgh area also coming in 2015. As such, we’re a small business with a handful of employees offering the same products at better prices than the big multimillion-dollar corporations. We think that’s something pretty special.

So now you know. That’s my thing. If you have a pet and are interested in taking care of them, let us help you do it without thinning out your wallet or wasting your time.


4 thoughts on “Introducing”

  1. I’m all for saving money and receiving excellent service! Count me as one of your first customers, Jeff. Marcia Peterson

  2. I buy renavast online and was buying Par Brand thyroid medicine at a drug store for 9.99 a month but, they can’t supply that brand and I have to take a thicker pill now. Anxious to see if you can get the Par Brand for that price. It was a nice thin pill and easy to break. Meridy

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