A blast from the past

Years ago, I wrote about beverages on a website called The Brew Review. After about six months, I scrapped that site and spent some time away from blogging. In 2011, I launched another website called Drinking Things, which aimed to be commentary on any type of beverage that I chose to put down my gullet and create text about. It was fun and I enjoyed writing it, but I eventually stopped making time for it and figured nobody cared what I thought about beverages.

A few weeks ago, two years after I had last written anything on Drinking Things, and after forgetting it still existed online, I logged into its WordPress dashboard. This led me to the shocking realization that not only were people still visiting the site, but they were commenting on the posts, following the blog, and actually supplying it with more daily traffic views than either of the two websites I currently maintain (this one and We’ll Take Two).

“What’s up with that nonsense?” I asked myself out loud, chewing beef jerky. “Maybe I should ignore all my blogs so people will start going to them.”

The premise of Drinking Things is pretty simple. I’m aware I’m not a professional food and beverage editor. I don’t really know anything. But that doesn’t matter – most of the reviews we humans read on a daily basis are based on the opinions of average people. And that’s pretty much what’s up with Drinking Things. You can read my “bio” page about the site here for further explanation.

So that’s a thing. Maybe it’ll be a thing I put words into again. I’ve popped a couple new posts on there recently. I would also be more than happy to host other people’s opinions about beverages of any kind, should anyone have the interest. Let me know. Let’s make a community out of it. Then we can all tickle each other and giggle and it’ll be really fetch.

There you go, Lacey Chabert.


Speak your peace.

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