Jeff Saporito Productions #203

I’ve been blogging for years. I use that term loosely, as my previous blogs have been a combination of product reviews, commissioned writing and general nonsense that had no focus or particular point of interest. I started this Saporito Means Tasty blog over two years ago after realizing that writing about pointless, random nonsense – while still better than not writing at all – was not particularly interesting for anyone, myself included. A few years, different jobs, four cars, two babies, 104 pizzas and enough fart clouds to neutralize a small town restaurant’s cockroach infestation later, here we are. It’s been two months since I wrote anything and it took me three minutes to type that sentence as every sixth word was interrupted by a baby squealing or wanting a pacifier inserted back into its mouth.

Another three more minutes have now passed. Life is weird.

I’m happy to say I have no intention of stopping this blog. I merely want to thank those who have read it, currently read it, and will read it in the future. I’m not Wil Wheaton posting interesting stories about my fun and exciting life. I’m not Chuck Lorre writing strange vanity cards to display for two seconds after TV shows (despite my plagiarist efforts with this title). I’m just some guy who runs a business from home, has a couch with really flat cushions and owes the bank all the money he’ll make for ten more years to pay for Bachelor’s degrees he and his wife don’t use. Yet thousands of you continue to visit this place and see what’s up.

And that’s fun. So thanks. You’re neat. High five and shit.


2 thoughts on “Jeff Saporito Productions #203”

  1. Fabulously entertaining writing as usual. I would posit, however, that that IS using your bachelors degree. And maybe, perhaps, some of those fancy words you throw in now and then came from some of those classes you took, maybe even with me!
    I’m just saying…

    1. Writing perhaps uses the degree, yes. But that doesn’t pay the bills. I’d have my job regardless of it – I’m actually the only person I know of in the company that has a degree at all.

      Still, no regrets.

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