Babymoon Pt 3. – Little Balls, Long Shafts

There are a lot of mini golf places in Ocean City. A lot. Many of them are owned by the same company – Old Pro, Jolly Roger, etc. Those courses are the bigger, crazier, more dressed up places to play. They’re fun, and they’re packed. Real packed.

The day after the storm, we woke up to a cool morning. It was in the 60s and we actually considered buying sweatshirts at the friendly neighborhood Sunsations shop before jaunting around town, as a crazy breeze was blowing that chilled that 60 degree air even lower. Instead we carried on, hoping it would warm up, and headed out for a few stops at mini golf courses along the highway.

The first was called Maui Golf. It doesn’t appear to be owned by one of the “chain” courses. It’s a smaller place, nobody was there (literally) and there was just one adorable older man running the booth that served as the golf counter and a smoothie bar. Unlike the other places, you could play all day here for one price up until 6pm. We really enjoyed this course. It was simple, clean, small, and very pretty. The scenery was really nice and the place was very well maintained (also by the older gentleman from the booth, as we saw him skimming leaves out of the water creeks and pools that run through the course). Before we started, he chatted with us a little bit. He gave us the impression he’s just a sweet old guy who retired to Ocean City and opened up a mini golf. He told me I owed him $10 if I didn’t get a hole-in-one by the 10th hole. Fortunately I had two by the eighth.

Laura played really well, club out in front of her baby sphere. We played about half of the holes two times along the way because we enjoyed ourselves. It was the most relaxing and amusing game of golf we had in Ocean City. So relaxing and amusing, in fact, that we forgot to take any pictures of the joint.


Thanks Google. That’s really mediocre of you.

After that nice occasion, we journeyed down the road to the land of 1000 people – Old Pro’s medieval course. You play golf among characters jousting, folks swinging axes, other characters doing other… medieval… things. There’s a castle and a dungeon and so many people. So many. Still, it’s a fun course if you don’t mind the fact there’s definitely going to be a 3 year-old in front of you golfing with her club upside-down and douche teenage idiots behind you generally honing their doucheism skills and speaking in general doucheity. Douche.

The fun part is you can pretend you’re golfing in Casterly Rock because there’s Lannister sigils everywhere.

The Lannisters send their animatronic executioners.
The Lannisters send their animatronic executioners.

It warmed up after all this golfing so we went and got sunburned at the beach. Then we had dinner in the hotel’s fancy restaurant, where there are mirrors everywhere and the air conditioning is set to 25 degrees. I had osso bucco and saffron risotto.

Kneel before my tower of meat.
Bow down to my tower of meat.

Ate that. Felt fat. Vacation win.


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