Babymoon Pt. 1 – Enough About Vlad

I haven’t been around much for a few weeks. A week or two was spent working feverishly to prepare for last week, a week in which we went to Ocean City on what Laura has declared to be our babymoon. I’m not a fan of the word babymoon and feel my genitals shrink every time I use it, but as we sat on the beach last Thursday she said “I can’t wait to see what you write about our babymoon.”

So I’d better do that.

Since my round-bellied beauty is 30 weeks along, flying to any sort of destination for this summer’s getaway was not an option. We had to settle for something within driving distance, and since she’s been longing for a beach trip we decided the 7-hour automotive trek to everyone’s favorite Maryland peninsula was a good choice.

I know – Pics or it didn’t happen.

There. It happened.
There. It happened.

We stayed at the world famous Holiday Inn Oceanfront. It’s pink. The rooms are fine. The ice machines are on every other floor. There’s 40 cent sodas in the vending machine. We were checked in by a friendly fellow named Vlad. He is very tall and has a neat accent. After meeting him we spent about two days trying to remember his name, thinking it was Sven, knowing it was not Sven, knowing it had a double consonant like Sven, then finally remembering it was Vlad. He also works at a breakfast place diagonal from the hotel serving omelettes. The shirt he wears there is pink. Good story. Enough about Vlad.

That first night we didn’t do much aside from eat flatbread pizzas in the hotel’s casual dining restaurant where another Eastern European served our meal. Despite the fact we were the only customers in the dead-silent restaurant, she spoke so softly we could not hear her. We said “yes” and “thanks” in reply every time she moved her mouth, hoping she wasn’t asking us if we’d assassinate her boyfriend or pour hot gravy into her trousers while singing Edelweiss. Though I would have gladly followed through with the latter as that sounds like a swell time.

Here’s a few pictures from the first evening:

Ha ha ha! A photo of my mustache! Gosh, that’s rich. Also, how about those feet, and that billboard boat? I take photos of only the best subjects.


2 thoughts on “Babymoon Pt. 1 – Enough About Vlad”

  1. Your wife looks so cool and comfortable! I remember being pregnant through the summer with my twins(though I didn’t know it was twins;that was {mumble mumble} years ago, before sonograms.They kept telling me it was just ‘one big baby’. Ha! Eleven and a half pounds of baby-I don’t think so!)Anyway, a beach trip would have been lovely! Hope you both had a great time!

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