It Has Sprung: A Rhyming Photoblog

It seems spring has sprung.

Post-work, I found myself in a keenly alive and exuberant mood and decided to prove it with photographic evidence of spring’s springiness. I used rhyme to emphasize the season’s egregious sense of whimsy.


First I saw a strawberry plant hung like a king, a setup I didn’t know existed prior to spring.


I walked around the yard all rooty-toot-toot. Then I spied these tulips looking pretty cute.


Hostas get large, and grow really fast. These hadn’t even sprouted yet, week before last.

hosta plant

The trees don’t have leaves yet, but try hard they do. These red ones will be sexy in another day or two.


One thing you can find without using a map – everywhere you look, a bird has made crap.

bird poop

Ahoy there geraniums, backyard color’s main course! Geraniums, geraniums, this rhyme was forced.

geranium hanging basket

…Dandelions are stupid.


So much mowing ahead, at that I do scoff. I also hack, sneeze, wheeze, sniff and cough.


It’s spring inside too, you old scuttlebutt. The birds got a new swing made from a coconut.

parakeet coconut swing

Another new fence project, it’s certainly spring. Wood piled around can mean only one thing.


Holes dug in the ground, they wait to be filled. A beautiful fence extension I soon will build.


The old fence remains, but just that one piece. That seems sillier than a car made of geese.

Why would that happen? Well, haven’t you heard?

robin's eggs

…because in that little section, bird is the word.

That’s right. It’s spring, and I made bad rhymes. Drink it in.

I’m putting up 5 more fence panels to extend last year’s fence up the side of my back patio. When tearing down the old fence that was there, we found a lady robin had plopped out four little baby blues into a very well-constructed nest. Despite the fact I really want to get this fence built so I can get it out of the way and continue focusing on the babies’ nursery inside, I can’t destroy this bird’s babies to do so. That seems like a karma fail. Plus, look how awesome that nest is. BRILLIANT.


Speak your peace.

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