Promote the Good

I hate writing responses to unpleasant current events, but I don’t know what else to do to quiet my mind about them. My outlet is the keyboard. I’ve been following the tweets of @amandapalmer today, and it’s been awesome to watch her positivity.

I like to think people are generally good. I like to believe that someday we will evolve past our mental, cultural and social infirmities. I like to hope we will eventually advance and unify as humans, even if it’s unlikely. It may be unnatural for a species to achieve homogeneity the way sci-fi shows often depict humans hundreds of years from now, but it’s still a thing worth shooting for. The world isn’t sad and humanity isn’t hopeless. Only a miniscule few individuals are garbage.

When a terrible thing happens, it’s great to see people taking care of each other and helping one another- but it’s always clouded by the awful. Even more potent than the joy felt from seeing people working together is the disappointment in the actions of the select few that caused the problem. Even though thousands, millions of people collide to bring peace and order, everyone’s emotions stick with the negative effects of the handful responsible for the chaos. It’s a twisted play on the human condition.

The best people can do is keep promoting the good.

It would be easy to be weary of bringing new people into our world. Crap is always happening. We live among frequent, repetitive bouts of violence and fear. There are always things to be scared of… but that much is not new. There always have been, and in the foreseeable future, there always will be terrible things going on. We just need to keep showing people how to be good. We need to listen, think and educate one another. We need to take responsibility. It’s up to the 99.99% of us who aren’t monsters to continue to teach one another, and especially our youth, about harmony and peace, so that one day we can endure in that world of futuristic unity that now only exists in fiction.


Speak your peace.

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