We’ll Take Two

My last post probably indicates a little bit about why I haven’t written much lately.  I’ve had tons of ideas of things to discuss, but they were all baby related and we weren’t yet at the point where we could safely tell the world en masse. (+5 douche points for usage of French term)

Which leads me to my next project…

Aside from the fact they’re squishy, don’t have knees and are incredibly dumb, I don’t know a thing about babies.  I’ve always been one of the youngest members of my entire extended family, save for a few cousins who all live in different states.  I changed my cousin Max’s diaper once when he was 1 and I was 12.  Not many people I know have babies and I never did any babysitting.  I sometimes make goofy faces at them in public to see if they will giggle in response, but that’s really the pinnacle of what I’ve contributed to human development.  My aggregate time spent around babies in 27.6 years is likely somewhere around 6 hours. 

So suddenly having two of my own ought to be pretty hilarious.

As such, I am starting a second blog for the purpose of writing about these escapades.  It won’t be a “daddy blog” per se, as it’s often going to represent the perspective of both Laura and I.  It won’t be all “parenty” because that sounds boring and would end up as a checklist of things to not do.  I plan to make it pretty unusual, often strange, and as tasty as you would expect.  I’ll start immediately, with the prep and craziness that comes with the road to birth, then once they shoot from the womb I will document my numerous self-deprecating moments and make a mockery of human nature.

So go, venture forth.  Because I’ll know if you don’t read it, and top men will be dispatched to punch you in the sternum.  Top.  Men.



2 thoughts on “We’ll Take Two”

  1. My husband seems to have had the same amount of experience as you when we started and he has far and away exceeded my hopes and expectations as a father.
    You’ll do just fine.

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