More Puzzles: Marauder’s Map and Wizard of Oz

The Marauder’s Map puzzle, which I assumed was going to be ridiculously challenging due to being almost one solid color and hand-drawn scribbles, only took about the same amount of time as the Trek puzzle.  The degree of difficulty was increased, but not to the point where it was awful.  It was still done in about 9 days.

marauders mapThe end product is really pretty.

Interestingly enough, the hardest part of this puzzle was the frame.  I can’t recall a time where I did a puzzle from the middle out, but it’s almost an absolute necessity for this crackbutt.  There are so many similar-looking pieces, and the number of pieces that can fit into wrong spots is extremely high.  As such, you really need the inside of the puzzle’s nooks and grooves to help you know which end pieces actually connect to them.  It would be very easy to connect all the edge pieces and build a frame for this puzzle that would be completely wrong, but you’d never know until you had the middle.

And now you know that.  Just in case you ever felt like building a Marauder’s Map puzzle.  Start with the red part and the large text, and move out.

wizard of oz boxI ordered this Wizard of Oz ditty as my next project, not knowing whether the actual puzzle would be just what’s in the framed part, or the entire box.  Either way it seemed cool.  The Wizard of Oz is boss.  I also thought the distinct positioning of most colors (green is only on the witch, tan is only on Tin Man, etc.) would make for an easier puzzle.

Not so.  This is one of those puzzles with ridiculous-shaped pieces, like the jigsaw snorted an entire bag of coke and lit itself on fire before it started cutting.

wizard of oz piecesWhat the hell are those?

These types of puzzles are fun, but they’re also quite a sackmaster.  You may have a pile of pieces that all go in one spot, but you can’t see where each one goes until one other specific piece is in place.

dorothy's faceSo far, Dorothy’s white shirt has taken the longest.  I had a pile of whites that obviously went there, as it’s the only pure white place on the entire puzzle, but the shapes made it take gnarly amounts of time and cups of coffee to figure out their placement.

But eventually piecing it together is awesome.  I heart it more than Huckabees, NY and radio.

This is another puzzle that is going to be beautiful when done.

I think my love of doing puzzles comes from the focus.  I spend all day at my computer, managing and looking at a thousand things simultaneously to make a multimillion dollar business run as smoothly as possible.  It’s intense, the time flies, and my mind never manages to rest.  Even when I walk away from it, there’s something in the back of my head always thinking about the business and what needs done.  But when I’m doing a puzzle, I can focus.  I can concentrate.  I can sit there for hours assembling something and only think about its completion.  Building puzzles seems to be unique in that respect, and that separation from work stress is important.

Because sanity.


2 thoughts on “More Puzzles: Marauder’s Map and Wizard of Oz”

  1. I’m just wondering where did you get the Marauders Map puzzle and how many pieces is it?? I’m super interested in getting one but I can only find a few online.

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