The Simple Things

Recently I decided to start making time for hobbies that aren’t Xbox.  It was a resolution, in fact.  Something I resolved to do.  The first action I chose to accomplish this goal was getting back into doing jigsaw puzzles.

You know why, small fry?

Because sitting in front of a giant pile of cardboard that was once a complete picture until it was maimed by a saw and became 1,000 tiny little ridiculous-shaped pictures that need reassembled to restore it back to the full picture it started as but with lines and grooves all over the place is AWESOME.

And because Laura spent about $60 buying me this amazing out of print, still shrinkwrapped Star Trek: TNG puzzle from 1993 for Christmas:

I couldn’t quite figure out why Guinan deserved to be on the puzzle and Wesley didn’t, but that mystery didn’t take anything away from how intensely rad this thing is.  I carefully sliced its plastic coating with an Xacto knife, removed the pieces and commenced their assembly on December 28.  It was done within two weeks.  After work each day, my evenings were spent hunched on the cold hard floor of my spare bedroom, my legs and back screaming and moaning with disgust and stiffness as my spirit was cajoling and chortling with the joy of piecing together excellent science fiction imagery in rectangular form.

IMG_20130109_191710When it was done, it became that.  The photo is dark, but the subject matter is fantastic beyond measure.  I’m going to frame it and hang it on the wall of my office because I’m extremely cool.  And because when I completely destroyed the value of this collector’s item by opening the box and putting it together, I figured I should at least preserve the thing in a frame.

All in all, I had a great time putting it together.  I smiled with glee, experienced elation and extreme frustration, joy and exquisite madness.

I remember shouting things like “Nice! It’s Riker’s beard piece” and “Wait, where the sweet gentle hell is the left side of Data’s face?”

Good times.

Once finished, I moved on to a bigger challenge:

The Marauder’s Map.  This bugger is 1,000 pieces of mostly tan shapes.  The majority are blank, and the ones that aren’t are hand-drawn scribbles that all look the same.

Last night I worked on it while Harry Potter and the Sorcerer’s Stone played on TV in the background, and I thought about just how cool that was, and how much fun I was having doing something so antiquated and common.   Something I had for years replaced with modern day distractions like Xbox and computers and Netflix.

It’s good to remember how fun the simple things can be.  And it’s better to remember to make time for them.


2 thoughts on “The Simple Things”

  1. Jeff, I already can’t tell you enough how you sharing this new hobby of yours has meant to me. Talked about it with the hubs and I’m buying one at Costco on Friday. A starter puzzle if you will. I am watching 2 more on eBay. While shopping I saw a few that we had done and sold after my mom passed. It brought back a lot of memories. Thank you, really. I hope it catches on with the kids but at least the hubs and I are excited about it.

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