I don’t think anyone should be interested in my 2013 resolutions, so this isn’t being posted to get you excited.  I just figure if I don’t put it here for the world to see, there’s no chance I’ll ever do anything.  Maybe you can help guilt me into ensuring these things get followed.  And if any of them do happen to excite you, that’s just great.  You’re a cool person.

1. Move more
I work a lot, and my other favorite thing is Xbox.  Between the two, basically all my time is spent being stationary in the house.  It’s harder to accomplish moving more during the Pennsylvania winter, but I need to do whatever I can to move more.  For health.

2. Do some different things with free time
Like I said, my favorite thing is Xbox.  But it’s a little too much of a favorite in that I rarely do anything else with the free time I have, aside from cleaning the bathroom or vacuuming for fun.  I need to read more books.  I need to find a craft.  I started doing a puzzle the other day.  A VINTAGE STAR TREK TNG PUZZLE.  Things like that.  It’s going to be neat.

3. Increase the output of this site
2012 was a little slow for blogging.  Blame Xbox again.  It’s an easy scapegoat.

4. Run a marathon (Resolution #1, continued)
By a “marathon,” I mean “all the way to the elementary school five blocks away.”  This would be the longest continuous run I’ve performed since middle school.  A few weeks ago I made it three blocks to the convenience store and only spent 8 minutes heaving in the parking lot afterwards, so I can do this.

5. Start a new fun project
Info coming soon.  Secrets secrets are no fun.

6. Watch American Horror Story
It looks rad.

7. Get a new mailbox
It looks bad.

Hey, they’re within reason.


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