I’m Playing Borderlands (A “Rap” “Song”)

If you needed further proof that
1) I’m not a good rapper (See Datalore for additional testimony)
2) I like video games
3) I enjoy having fun creating things that make an ass out of myself, and 1980’s Madonna
…then this is the thing for you!

“I’m Playing Borderlands” – A rap song about a video game, in 3 parts.
aka “Jeff  was home alone and drinking.”
aka “This guy is very easily amused.”
aka “What?”

Liner notes: I would like to thank Randy Pitchford and the Gearbox team for destroying the past two months of my life with Borderlands 2. Now please, fix that compatibility pack loop issue so I can play without re-downloading a 200MB file every day.


Speak your peace.

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