I am easily amused.

I was raised an only child with two working parents.  I had to entertain myself a lot.  As such, I’ve always been very easily amused, and still tend to do things to amuse myself whenever I’m home alone.  Being easily amused is a great feature of a human being and makes life a lot more enjoyable.

On Friday night, Laura had to pull an evening shift and I was left to wander the lonely hours by myself.  This is what happened.

First, I ate some candy that I stole from Laura’s grandpa’s Halloween dish.

I giggled the first 3 takes and had to eat four bags of M&Ms.  What a shame.

Then I did a bunch of other things.

If you don’t chuckle at those things I don’t really care.  I am easily amused and enjoyed them.


3 thoughts on “I am easily amused.”

  1. Seriously!! You need to start labeling these things as NSFW!! I’m going to get fired-or committed-if you keep this up!! (sheesh. Co workers think I’m all broke up over something…) eyes red, nose drippy.

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