A Tasty Blog Birthday

Saporito Means Tasty! turns one whole year old today.  Get out a fez and find your box of kazoos, it’s time to party.

Yes indeed folks, in the past year Saporito Means Tasty! has had quite an excellent run.  So many things have been accomplished, incredible heights have been reached, and only a negligible number of people have been stalked and/or publicly humiliated.

It all started on this day last year, after a baby fed me a blueberry.

Then it boosted my writing confidence forever, and started a fruitful internet friendship with my favorite wife of my favorite celebrity guy

…which blossomed into omnipresent protection from frightening attic portraits and a cute birthday video that made me pee hot streams of happy.

I also made other friends, including one who sent me Christmas presents like a total sweetbun sprinkled with sugar floating on a sea of Mountain Dew.

The world is now more aware of the greatness of Lifetime movies and at least two people understood the humor in rapping about Star Trek.

Somewhat of a sage when it comes to informing and inspiring, I’ve taught people about basic airplane etiquette and versed my wife in proper nerdity.

And you know, there’s that podcast that was totally awesome.  That one time.  The single solitary time that it happened.  Once.  And probably will happen again.  I think.  That’s the idea…

This year, 18,063 of you came to this site to read my ridiculous words.  You’ve left 137 comments and shared entries hundreds of times.  That is amazing.

You’ve come from all over the world (even Morocco!) and got here using succinct search terms like “the blackest baby ever,” “Wil Wheaton hot wife,” “Abby Lee Miller as a child,” “asian guy from billy blanks videos,” “drawing blood for medical purposes” and “pics of naked girls with big boobs on the couch.”

In short, I appreciate everyone who’s ever been to this site, whether you come weekly or came once.  I have fun with it and hope you do as well.  Let’s rear back, breathe deep and toot our virtual kazoos to a year of successful blogging.


Yeah, that felt nice.

Here’s shooting for 18,064 visitors next year, and to hoping I can finally find a really black baby for the people who keep searching.


5 thoughts on “A Tasty Blog Birthday”

  1. Oh hey, that’s me! 😀 Happy blog birthday, buddy! It’s been fun reading your words and getting to know you and Laura over the internet. Keep it up! You are an inspiration to me, I hope you know that.

  2. Happy Blogiversary to one of the most sarcastic and sincere people I’ve never met. You always make me laugh and you blog more consistently than Alyssa, so there’s that.

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