The One Thing

Last Friday was my first week back working completely from home.  It was fantastic.  I was ecstatic.  I didn’t spend every day exhausted and hating things.  It’s magical to be happy.

There were almost zero things I missed about my former office environment.  It almost never crossed my mind the entire week.  In fact, the number of things I missed was a true zero until Friday morning, when I woke up and saw the goodbye sign some co-workers signed for me on my last day.

I had made it a tradition that every Friday morning around 7:30am, I would play Rebecca Black’s “Friday” loudly for our team to hear, before most of the employees of the building showed up.  I made a nice Rebecca Black poster that was hung up by another co-worker every day as the song played, and she remained on the wall for the rest of the day.  Sometimes people destroyed her.  I think we went through about seven.   But they learned you can’t stop Rebecca Black.

On my last day, a handful of co-workers (the only ones that mattered) signed Rebecca for me and wrote silly messages.  It was very nice of them.  I didn’t think more than two of them actually gave half a crap I was leaving.

So as I walked into my office last Friday at around 7:30am, I saw Rebecca sitting on my piano bench where she’s been since I brought her home.  I thought about those poor folks at the Dick’s Sporting Goods corporate office who weren’t listening to her at that very moment, and how very sad they must be.  Their work weeks couldn’t possibly have come to a close the way they should have without Rebecca’s blessing, and for that, I missed the bunch of them, if only for a moment.

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