…In Which I Quit My Job (Well, One of Them)

Hey, kids.  Big news here.  I’ve quit a job!

For the past year and a half, I’ve had a full-time job, a part-time job, and a third part-time job for a quarter of the year.  It’s been a lot, and lately it’s been getting to the point where the jobs, as well as my sanity and ability to function on a daily basis, have been harder to manage.  My main full-time job proofreading the national tabs & mailing materials for Dick’s Sporting Goods & Golf Galaxy has essentially been a waste of time.  I’d wake up hours before the sun at 4:45am, drive 35 miles, sit for 8 hours, and drive home only to cram a load of real work into the rest of my day.  I have no passion for the proofreading work anymore and way too much of my day is spent doing nothing, which makes for incredibly long and tiresome hours in an office environment.  It would also make me feel like there was absolutely no point to my being there.

Worse, my evening job, managing an Amazon account for a massive international electronics company, was starting to plateau with the amount of time I had to put into it.   And it’s the job that interests me.

Plus, I’m so not a corporate America type person.  I cannot manage to fit in to that climate.

Back up in your ass with the resurrection

With Laura recently having gone through pet grooming school and my Amazon business increasing to a comfortable place, I found the ability to leave my full-time day job at Dick’s and focus on the thing I care about and enjoy.  Laura’s new income will more than cover the loss, and I can further develop my business to a mega grand thing.  The best part is I do it from home.  While I’m still interested in finding a new part-time replacement job, it’s not immediately pressing, which affords me the opportunity to seek out creative, interesting work that will inspire me and not force me to settle on some crap solely for extra bucks.  I’m in discussion with some potential opportunities as far as that goes.

I also should have a little more time for other stuff that matters to me.  Like this blog.  And that podcast Bill and I haven’t had time to continue yet.  And that should excite you.

So that’s my story, morning glory.  I hope to see more of you and let you see more of me.  (I suggest you support my decision by going here and buying things from my Amazon account because web space isn’t free, and because my customer service is so immaculate it literally stops natural disasters and may solve world hunger.)


Speak your peace.

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