Birthday Nifty Awesome Coolness

Today is my birthday.  This morning I tweeted some things hoping to guilt people into replying to me.  It’s the least they could do.

First, LeVar Burton:

Nothing.  Not even a Hey Y’all.

So I figured I’d try Glen Mazzara, EP of the Walking Dead.

He responds to much dumber stuff than this every day.  I am frown.

Jonathan Coulton is a great guy, I’m told.  A great guy.  A stand-up fellow.

Try and engineer away my disappointment, Coulton.

Maybe a different musician…

Well, I didn’t really expect anything out of that one… plus I forgot the @, like a champ.

So I switched back to actors.  Younger, this time.  And British.  They have manners and stuff.

I should have expected a Slytherin to let me down.

So I started to think, maybe asking wasn’t a good idea.  Maybe I’d win someone over with charm and giggles.

See, I always wanted there to be an opera-singing, tuxedo-wearing, crime-fighting walrus with erectile dysfunction called Flaccido Domingo.  Paul and Storm didn’t mention anything about penises, so I focused on obesity.

Maybe a really bad joke wasn’t the way to win them over.

These people weren’t really bringing me the birthday magic.

You know what, though?  It’s all okay.  It’s all just fine…

And then, all my efforts were validated.

It no longer mattered that none of my other nerdy idols had responded to me.   Anne came through.

Here, watch:


Birthday win.


Speak your peace.

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