Oh Silly Internet…

Last night Bill and I recorded the first episode of Things People Do, with our special guest Charlotte Moore.  Even though we all joked about how horrendous it was and how it will be the “worst 20 minutes of Internet you’ve ever had” according to Charlotte, I think it went great.  We learned a lot from Charlotte, had many good laughs and recorded a great show.

Oh, except for that “recorded” part.

You see, Bill and I spent an hour or so before the show talking and cajoling, making sure everything was working and sounding good.  It was.  Our conversation was being recorded with great clarity and everything seemed great.  We both recorded the chat so that there would be a backup in case of any problems, because we’re a couple smarties.  When Charlotte came on, we kept talking and had a rip-roaring time.

After we finished, we checked the playback.

On my end, I sounded fantastic.

Nobody else sounded like anything.

On Bill’s end, he sounded fantastic.

Charlotte and I sounded like we were eight miles away talking with soup cans and string.  We hadn’t changed any settings since our trial runs, so we weren’t sure how that happened.

tl;dr we think we have it under control now and will have to try again.  I blame the Internet and its blasted technological gizmogadgets.  I was very upset about this earlier today.  Now I don’t really care.  I didn’t expect this to go off without a hitch.

In the end we still win, because now we get to spend another hour bullshitting with Charlotte.  And as horrible as she is, she’s very entertaining.

The first episode of Things People Do should be available for downloadable joy next Friday, the 25th.  That’s also the day of the month my mortgage is due, so feel free to Paypal us money if you’re impressed.

In the meantime, watch this:


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