Hi kids.  It’s me, Jeff.  I’ve missed your supple touch and warm embrace.  Come over here and put your arm around my neck.  Be careful with my sunburn.  It is tender.

I have plenty of fun and exciting news to tell you in mere moments.  Actually it’s just one fun and exciting thing, but I think it’s so super fun and so super exciting and so grand and dandy that it counts for at least six or seven regular, everyday-sized fun and exciting things.  So that makes it hold the water weight of lots of things.  I’ll tell you what it is now.

I’m starting a podcast.


I’ve had the desire to do a podcast for a while but I’m too scatterbrained to come up with something that is focused on a particular subject or theme.  I’m not a niche guy and targeting a specific group or idea isn’t something I can mentally handle.  So after months of deliberation and debating whether a podcast was actually a good idea that people would enjoy or just something I’d start and quickly hate and fail to do, I came up with an idea for a show that has structure and focus, but allows for a completely different show and varied subject matter with each episode.  It’s pure groove, and it’s going to be in your heart.

With my proposed format, every episode will be so fresh and beautiful, butterflies will shoot out of its anus and white lacy linen will drape everything it touches.

If you Google Image Search “butterflies shooting from an anus,” the above is one of the first results.  That’s the visual representation of what this podcast will be.  And you, internet people, are that gorgeous field of flowers waiting for me to come suck your blooming stamens with my magic MP3 mouth.

So what is the title of this absolutely incredible-sounding audio experience?  Things People Do.

Here’s why:  Each episode, I will introduce the  show with a unique recorded audio bit, talk about some various things that I’ve been doing (and my co-host, if he ever stops playing Skyrim and making Borderlands cosplay masks so that he can be a co-host), then bring in a special guest.  The special guest will be someone from Twitter or elsewhere on the Internet that I have recently found interesting for one reason or another.  They don’t have to be anyone special or famous or all that unique, but they will be someone who engages in some sort of uniquely interesting hobby or activity or job in their life that they enjoy and want to talk about.  Whether it’s knitting or Minecraft or German board games or cheese making, I’ll have them on for the show and talk about what it is they do.  Since I won’t know anything about most of these subjects, I feel some pretty entertaining banter will occur.  Also, it will make for a unique and fresh and exciting show each week with a different guest talking about a completely different thing.  We can all learn, meet people and be entertained at once.

New episodes will be posted on Fridays.  Not every Friday, because if I intend to do this weekly it probably won’t happen.  But when new shows are recorded, they will go up on Fridays.  It’s a prime day, both because you’re going to just be sitting around at work not doing anything and will need something to listen to, and because the show can dual-purpose as a #FollowFriday for the special guest.  Since I thought they were interesting enough to talk to, you may want to follow them because they are neat.

As Toby Keith and Ben Affleck would say “How do you like me now?”

Actually I don’t think that phrase has much relevance here.

So that’s that.  If you do something unique or fun and want to be a guest on one of the first episodes, drop me an email at saporito [at] gmail.  Don’t be bashful.  And please, don’t think your hobby or job or talent or thing you do isn’t interesting enough for the show.  You like it, others will too.  Give yourself some credit and let’s have a chat.


10 thoughts on “SUPER AWESOME BIG FUN NEWS!”

  1. So jealous, I’ve been contemplating it myself but can’t come up with a good enough excuse for the husband to justify any expense toward that end. And I just don’t have the balls…
    Thank you for adding to my podcast addiction. I can’t wait!

  2. Nice job!! Best of luck to you! Sounds like I’m going to have to learn how these podcast things work…

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