Robe Lowe is Living His Brand

We have a saying at Dick’s Sporting Goods – “Live the Brand”

I’m not sure what it means.  I couldn’t be less athletic, so I’m not doing a good job of keeping with the company image.  But that’s our corporate mantra.

Today we had a big gathering in the main hall of the building to talk about expanding that motto with our customers.  All 1,000+ employees of the corporate HQ gathered for a message from the CEO, a guest appearance by Brett Kiesel, some videos from ESPN and other sports-y corporate-y things.  It was all to announce the launch of the company’s new branding strategy: Untouchable.

This is the new “Untouchable” commercial airing all over TV to launch the idea.  Our executives showed it to us, along with a message from some folks from SportsCenter who I’ve never heard of before, a message from Drew Brees about how he’s happy to be working with us as a spokesperson, and some other jibjab.

Then it really got awesome.

The 10 TVs and projection screens surrounding the hall turned into a mashup of unsolicited tweets from a few famous folks who saw the new commercial and were impressed.  The best of the best?  Mr. Untouchable himself, Rob Lowe.

Come on.  Off all the people on the entirety of Twitter.  What are the odds that Mr. “Untouchable Bitch” has a comment?  OF COURSE YOU LOVE IT!  The jokes here practically write themselves.

Rob Lowe is living his brand.  We should all take a lesson.


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