Holiday Awesomeness

It’s Christmas Eve, folks.  For all you Christmas-celebrating people out there, I hope you have a great holiday tomorrow.  May you spend time with those you love and enjoy the season.

For all you other holiday-celebrating people out there, I hope you have an equally great time with whatever it is you celebrate.

And for all you people out there who don’t celebrate any holidays at all, I hope you enjoy The Girl With the Dragon Tattoo.

Obviously Betsy and Luna have Christmas pajamas. Don't dwell on that. Dwell on what an awesome job we did of getting them to sit still for this picture. And the wondrous canine cheer they are sending your way.

Also, I’d like to share an extra special holiday greeting to my pal Alyssa Vaughan, who I’ve never actually met in person, but has come to enjoy my writing and my quest to Nerd my Wife so much that she sent us Christmas presents all the way from California to aid the process.  Obviously, this makes her a pretty special type of person and the world deserves to know of her raditude.  Her behavior is what defines Christmas.

A few weeks ago she started her own blog, linked above, entitled “A is for Awesome.”  I agree, and hope you will go check out what she’s contributed and encourage her to write more, since she’s already slackin’.

We made our silly faces. And yeah, that's a golden snitch necklace. She almost cried. So badass.

And now I have The Geeks’ Guide to World Domation, so you know… watch out and stuff.

Happy Holidays, everyone.  I have to wrap this up.  Laura just playing the Justin Bieber Christmas CD, so I need to go do something about that.


One thought on “Holiday Awesomeness”

  1. Haha! I wasn’t expecting a post about me ! 😀 yeah, I’ve been slackin already, bad thing. I will have to sit my procrastinating butt down VERY shortly and put some words out there. Now that everyone I sent gifts to has received their goodies, maybe I’ll write about giving and something…

    And thank you for the pics – I had the biggest, most ridiculous grin on my face all afternoon 🙂

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