Twitter people know that my garage has been haunted by an alien beeping noise for the past week.  It has driven me loony.  I was at the point where I was pretty sure it wasn’t actually there, since my wife had never heard it (though she can’t hear anything) and I convinced myself that I was either continuing my ongoing paranoia about unseen things trying to kill me in my own home, or I was actually going to be killed by it very soon.

Attempting to win it over, I walked around my house this afternoon singing a song about “Robot E.T.” and how “I wish you’d just phone home and not slit my neck with your glowing robot finger of death and destruction.”  It had no effect and the beep persisted.

I even took my paper Wheatley and put it on the trunk of my car hoping for arbitration from a neutral robotic entity.  I thought maybe if Robot E.T. saw that I had other robots in my presence that didn’t try to murder me with their glowing robot fingers of death and destruction that it might leave and go find a two- or three-car garage somewhere in the neighborhood where it would be happier and have more room to terrorize the inhabitants of the dwelling.

See? I really did do that.

But then I found the beep.

The irony is that you can almost see the source of the beep in this pic.

I posted a video of me finding it over on my new Tumblr site.  Go give it a watch.  Since it was inexplicably a big hit with people despite being available at every home store in the world for about $20, the giant light from the attic story makes a reappearance.

Oh yeah, and I have a new Tumblr site.  Why?  Because not everything is good enough to be a real blog post.  And because fetch is never going to happen, Gretchen.


Speak your peace.

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