Nerding My Wife IV: Journey Through the Mists

Guten tag!  Wilkommen bei Nerding Meine Frau!  Sauerkraut!  Das Boot!  Heidi Klum!

This afternoon I realized I have forced you to wander through a dry and mighty bastion for 16 long, miserable days since the last Nerding My Wife post.  That’s a travesty of thick, hearty, Chunky soup-style thick and heartiness!  I’ll say that even though our time together was limited the past two weekends, wife has been vigilant and devoted to her nerdiful duties with the time we had – and even did a few nerdy things on her own.  Ah yes.  Ah yes.

Say it like Winston Churchill.  Ah yes.

Two weeks ago, my darling woman rear-ended another automobile and quite nicely maimed the front of her trusty silver Elantra.  While it was at the car doctor getting $4700 worth of gizmo gadgets put back inside, she was given a brand new black Buick Regal with 400 miles on it to drive around like the scummy daughter of some greasy New Jersey gangster.  She was riding in style.  Riding solo.  Riding dirty…

Except for the totally geeky Dr. Horrible soundtrack she was playing over and over and over and over again for a week straight.  Of her own volition.  That’s a hotsy totsy behavior right there.  It may be slightly weird when your female wife comes home night after night, walks in the door and sings “A maaaaaaan’s gotta do what a maaaan’s gotta do,” but not that weird.  Mostly just erotic, because if she’s Nathan Fillion then I’m Felicia Day, which means I’m awesome, a redhead, and able to rock around Orlesian estates killing baddies.  Pretty sure that doesn’t describe YOU.  Unless you’re Felicia Day.

We also watched a load of Doctor Who (Eccleston episodes), The Walking Dead and finished Torchwood: Miracle Day.  The result is she now knows what a Dalek is, had nightmares about zombies all night last weekend, and nearly had her head explode when Jack Harkness played dead.  She followed all this awesomeness by watching at least three TNG episodes with me when I was feeling hung over Sunday morning.  One of them happened to be Q Who?, which was a nice tie-in to Miracle Day thanks to John de Lancie bringing his awesome to both.  Whew!

Additionally, I purchased a “Winter is Coming” t-shirt online and she loves it.  We also share a mutual crush on Emilia Clarke.  And Jason Mamoa.

Oh yeah… there is another thing she’s been doing…

She’s sort of become obsessed with Purble Place, particularly the part where you dress the little Purble fellows.  I never even noticed this game existed, but apparently it comes bundled with Vista and 7.  Technically it’s very nerdy that she’s doing this.  Technically I’m glad she’s doing it, because she’s playing a game, even if it is a lame game made for children.  This is a literal baby step to playing real games.

You realize we own Skyrim, right?

All of this does not come without cost.  She lost a few points this week too.  I bought a Cloud Strife buster sword for my keychain.  She has no idea what this is, why I was super excited to have paid $8 for it, showed no interest when I told her I would chop off Don Corneo’s danglers and destroy Shinra and liberate the folks in the slums underneath the rotting pizza, then gave me the stinky fart gaze of disapproval.  For shame.

She also does not understand my Xbox avatar’s new pet chocobo.  She has never heard of such a thing and didn’t understand it.  Come on, huge Harry Potter fan!  FFS, Buckbeak is basically a huge less-cute chocobo.

This is all I remember.  Nerdiness aside, two days ago marked our 7th year together.  She’s cuter every day.  Nun, um die Krönung!

Last time:

This time:

Oh, and two bonus nerd points from me if you get the reference in the title of this post.  She did. 

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One thought on “Nerding My Wife IV: Journey Through the Mists”

  1. We’re doing a similar project in my household. Except we’re both already nerds, just opposite nerds. So we’re making each other a million times worse. Me, forced to watch Alien, Aliens, Star Trek, and BSG. Him, being forced to watch anime, Firefly, IT Crowd, and playing board games. And we’re both reading Song of Ice and Fire. I’m just much farther along trying not to let the spoilers fly!

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