A guest post!

Short stuff today.  But important!

My good friend Alexis over at Bunny Ears & Bat Wings asked me to write a guest post for her blog.  She’s an editor with Grit City Fiction and maintains a site all about writing.  She seems to think I know something on the subject and asked if I’d contribute something for her readers.  Being a kind and generous person, I obliged.  Read it here.

It’s a little ditty about writing for yourself, not what you think others would want you to write, and not sticking to the stupid saying of “write what you know.”  It just might blow your mind, and may render all your existing notions of how to write completely destroyed.  While it may change your life, it will not change your underwear.  So you’ll always have that one up on it.

Also, I felt a sense of obligation to contribute a piece to her dandy little online world.  Alexis gave birth to a little chap about 9 months ago and so far I’ve evaded every opportunity she’s presented to meet the little fellow, despite her claims that he’d be the “coolest person I’d ever met.”  So I figured the least I could do was type up some homegrown wisdom on writing and submit it to her site as some form of penance.

Seriously Lex, I’ll meet your kid.  I swears.

It’s not you, it’s me.

Or whatever saying best fits.


Speak your peace.

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