Motivation or Something: It would be so much easier to not type this

This is generally how I feel by the evening of any given weekday:

Except less cute.  And less hairy.  Actually I found one really long hair on my chest the other day.  I think it’s my first one ever.  But that’s off-topic and we haven’t even started here…

I spend a large clump of my life surrounded by a lot of people who aren’t terribly satisfied with how they spend their days.  This isn’t particularly surprising.  Lots of people could say the same thing.  Expecially those who, like me, work in large, soul-scrubbing corporate environments full of tan walls, grey cubicles and shattered dreams.  It’s far from the illustrious fantasies about our futures we had as children.  (Though really, my asthma is way too bad to be a firefighter and baseball was clearly never my thing).  It’s sort of sad, but it’s the way it is.

Today as with every day, I woke at 4:45am after five hours sleep, drove to work, worked, drove home, talked on the phone for 20 minutes with my wife, started working job #2 from home, worked, made dinner, ate dinner, and at 8:15pm am now done with work for the day.  I’m tired. Like that super adorable cat. It would be so much easier to not type this.  It would be so much easier to grab a beer, turn on my Xbox, load up some TNG and stare at Marina Sirtis for a few hours.  It would be easier to not voluntarily do more work.  But then what?  Then I wouldn’t get to do what makes me happy – creating something for other people to enjoy.  And I don’t have any beer anyway.

That’s the one thing that seems to be lacking in a lot of peoples’ lives.  Not beer – the other thing – doing what makes you happy.  It’s easy to be bogged down by a boring job.  It’s natural to feel slapped if you spend your days doing things that don’t utilize your talents or speak to your inner desires.  It’s totally understandable.  Everyone has things they are good at and wish they were doing, but so few of us get to do them as our main function.  (That sounds very android).  If we could only shuffle around and swap jobs and tasks with other people, we’d probably all end up where we want to be and doing what we are best at doing.  But that’s not how it works.  We toil where we can toil and push through.  A truth that makes it all the more important we use our free time to do what we love to do.

I don’t pretend to have a lot to share about a lot of things.  I don’t claim to be the greatest writer or the most interesting person.  But I know that anything I put on this site I took time to create, and I want to bring it to other people to enjoy or take something away from.  During the bulk of my day, while I do my best at the things I do, I rarely feel as though I’m contributing something truly useful to anyone.  This is where that can happen. Even if it’s silly or just for laughs, it’s here because I made it so.  And that’s important, yaheard?

It makes Riker smile.  Though he sort of looks like a creeper in that picture.  There is malice in that smile.  Like he’s staring into a high school girls’ locker room.  Or like he’s about to stab me for talking about Marina Sirtis.  That’s probably it.

Do you make time for what you enjoy doing?  If not, think about how you could start.  You deserve it, pal.  You’re really quite keen.  Fall is a great time to work on changing routine.  Unless you live somewhere hot and without seasons like a silly person, you’re going to be stuck inside more and will need things to occupy your time aside from disabling all mental activity and watching Toddlers in Tiaras.  The weather gets crappier, and it’s easy to fall into a slump and feel crappier along with the outdoors.  It becomes even easier to get into a work-lounge-work-lounge funk.  Without time for your passions, you’ll be funking along full-steam.  And that’s bunches of crap.  Use this time to your advantage and find ways to make the most of your time.

Seriously?  What the f**k is this thing?

See, even after I’ve gone and typed up a bunch of seriousness, there is still time to watch some Marina Sirtis before I need to retire to my chambers for the evening and restart the daily process.

And you know what?  Making time for both passionate work and mindless vegging can be represented by a popular adage wherein someone not only possesses cake, but they also consume that very same cake and feel rather jolly about having done so.

This post reminds you of Harriet Tubman. This post likes cereal. This post has half a pendant of life. This post wears foam hands on Tuesdays.


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