Nerding My Wife

My wife is not a nerd. She’s obviously very nerd tolerant, enjoys some nerdy things and respects my nerdiness – but she just doesn’t qualify. Over the seven years we’ve been together, I’ve been doing my best. But the evolution from shy small town ballerina with limited experiences to super awesome nerd has been a slow process. While we’ve made some big steps, and even though she 100% knows that she’s going to like just about anything I suggest to her, it’s still a real chore to get her to agree to try out most nerdy things.

Then one day this fall, she did something that changed my modus operandi. She spent an entire day off watching Game of Thrones and True Blood panel interviews from Comic Con. I came home and she started showing them to me. She hadn’t even bothered to get dressed that day.
“We should go to Comic Con some year,” she said.
I pooped a little.
You’re saying you want to pay money travel to a mass of people wielding plastic swords? Who dress like Ewoks? Who still use IRC? Who start screaming and panting like some crazy bobbysoxer when hearing words like “Whedon” or “Guild?” I heart you.

Ever since that day, I’ve had more luck. She’s even said that she would go to JoCo Cruise Crazy with me in some future year, if it would happen in the summer when our work schedules would make it possible. She’s agreed to watch one episode of TNG and the episode I show will determine if she watches any others. (The really challenging part of the arrangement was that I had to watch Zack & Kelly’s Saved By the Bell wedding episode as barter.)

I warned her that if she were to go to Comic Con or JoCo Cruise Crazy or anything similar, she’d need to do some homework first. While it may be a popular thing to do there, Comic Con isn’t all about starting at Jason Mamoa and Alexander Skarsgaard with your tongue hanging out to one side like a chihuahua with an overbite.

My wife is my best friend. We both work more than people should and spend most of our time apart. When we have free time, we always spend it together. I want to share all the things I enjoy with her. And as I said, I often convince her to delve into my interests. Years ago I turned her on to Harry Potter, and now she’s an almost unreasonably huge Harry Potter fan. We’ve watched Serenity and Firefly and Terminator: Sarah Connor Chronicles and Dollhouse (yes, all Summer Glau). She likes Batman. She laughs riotously at The IT Crowd. She loves spending late nights watching horrendous horror B-movies on Netflix. She used to jam out in our Rock Band as the singer, back before everyone got tired of Rock Band. (The band was called Tiny Bathroom Architecture, by the way. Best name ever.) She even just invested in her first pair of thick plastic glasses.

The best part of sharing things with her is when she enjoys them too. But there’s a lot she won’t enjoy without some more nerdy education. And thus begins my work.

I’d like to chronicle all this in a series I have titled Nerding My Wife. Stay tuned.

Sessions hopefully scheduled for this weekend:

  • Who is Brent Spiner, and Why Should I Care?
  • You’ve Enjoyed Watching Me Play Portal, Now How About Listening to the Man Who Wrote the Still Alive Song?
  • TNG and You: Season One Aboard the Starship Enterprise
  • Who is That Vision? Oh, That’s Felicia Day.

By the way – what Season 1 episode of TNG should I start her off with to give a great impression? I know that’s a tough question. And I can’t just start with Encounter at Farpoint. It’s too long, and to be fair, Zack & Kelly’s wedding was only 40 minutes.

Oh, and please feel free to contribute suggestions on required nerd culture to which she should be subjected.


This post quotes Joe Wrigley as its idol. This post stole your favorite jacket. This post is not sponsored by Mennen. This post was already broken when you got here, Mom.


7 thoughts on “Nerding My Wife”

    1. I went with “Where No One Has Gone Before.” It’s not a completely ridiculous episode for Season 1. I felt it was very Trekish and would give her a feel of how the episodes work. I was thinking of going with The Big Goodbye, as it’s easily one of the best season 1 episodes, but didn’t want her first episode to be one that takes place almost entirely “out” of the Trek universe since the whole thing is on the Holodek.

      She actually also ended up watching season 2’s The Dauphin, just because I was watching it and she voluntarily came and sat down with me. Too bad that episode is fairly boring.

  1. I am so jealous. There is no way my husband would ever go to Comic Con. He can’t stand TNG or Harry Potter. He does like the original Star Trek but overall I had been suppressing (at least in front of him) my most nerdy tendencies. I have since completely embraced my nerdiness and he is none to happy about it. Everytime I say I am one, he says, “No you’re not.” Yet he knows when my friend and I have viewing get togethers for Dr. Who, Torchwood, and Firefly. He is still in denial and we have been married 13 years! O well.

    1. I don’t even know what to say to this. There is so much blasphemy. You’re certainly a trooper sticking to what you like, I must say. Keep up the good work.

      And OMG, isn’t Miracle Day awesome?

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