welcome to this.

I’ve had a number of websites over the years.  All were silly.  Most were unfocused.  Some individuals, dare I say, might even suggest they were “poop.”  Maybe that’s just me.

The past few months have been spent thinking about cultivating my creative endeavors and considering the avenues they should take.  Ideas are rampant, concepts are endless, but irksome qualities like “direction” and “focus” and “practical application” are tricky little harlots that seldom show their faces and, in the end, cause most of my ideas to die before they live.  Fortunately for me, there are much more talented and influential people out there who do great work on an almost-constant basis and who provide a bounty of inspiration to someone like me.

Wil Wheaton.  Jonathan Coulton.  Paul & Storm.  MC Frontalot.  You know… the indie types that include geek musicians, actors, comedians, artists, and general multifaceted creative superheroes that make the world more interesting one pee joke and nerdy Street Fighter reference at a time.  They’ve got their shit figured out (or at least have us all fooled), and if any of them ever happen to see this, I bestow my thanks and tip my hat.  Know that your work inspires others to make sense of their ambitions and take risks, helps people figure out how to channel their creativity, and entices people to write painfully lame thank-yous on the internet for public viewing.

I think the unavoidable and undeniably awkward concept of a blog’s “first post” is a rather dismal and uninteresting preview of the content’s eventual intentions (how wordy!), so I am going to allow evolution to take its course and avoid delving into my goals for this site.  Instead… um, I’ll provide a photo of these mints I acquired today!

After years of Windows and its viruses eating my files, I finally get a chance to eat Windows. (+1 CHR)

Really?  A tin of mints and a really terrible nerd joke?  That’s what I’m putting in the first post on my new site to try and encourage loyal readership?  And a blurry, horrible cell phone picture no less?

Yes.  Yes it is.  Welcome to this.


Speak your peace.

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