Copy & Web

Making the web pretty.

I’ve been creating websites since middle school in the mid-90s, when Angelfire and Geocities pages were all the rage. Since then, things have evolved, and now I primarily work using WordPress.

For most of these sites, I’m also responsible for writing all the copy.

Worldly Experiences

Official website of the virtual online gap year and development site. (Correlates with a subscription-accessed Mighty Network.)
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Shining Star Car Wash

Company website for a local car wash south of Pittsburgh, PA.
Responsible for all website design and copy.
Click to see full-screen. (non-embeddable) – e-commerce store created and designed using BigCommerce.
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A Step Up Veterinary

A local veterinary clinic in the Bethel Park, PA area.
Responsible for all website layout and copy.
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