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Writing internet content has been my favorite thing to do for the past 15 years. Things change quickly online, and tons of the sites I’ve worked with have been sold off since I worked with them, but I’ve linked a few relevant examples here.



My work with ScreenPrism (now known as The Take) quickly elevated me to one of the site’s top producers. Many of my pieces have been cited as authoritative references in books on film study. I contributed hundreds of Q&A and analysis pieces, including:

agency work

A lot of my work was done through agencies for various clients. These projects usually had specific guidelines or specifications by the client. A few examples:

Tech Review Work

For years, I was a technical product review and editor for a number of websites, including Test Freaks, iGadgetLife, Mobility Digest, Xbox 360 Digest, and more. All of these sites are now defunct, sold off and archived, and no longer offer their content online. Here is one example that has survived and is still online.

Creative Content

I was one of the top writers for Grid World News, a Second Life-based news organization in the late-2000s, the heyday of the virtual world. As the site no longer exists and wasn’t archived, you can visit my LinkedIn profile for a reference from my editor on that project.

I also served as Senior Editor at Addicted Gamer during its several-year run in the Xbox 360 era.

It has been a pleasure to submit other random creative material to various sites over the years, like this one. I’ve also been blogging for decades. This is the last blog I regularly updated prior to the one on this site.

I provided in-house proofreading and copywriting services for Dick’s Sporting Goods and Golf Galaxy from 2010-2012.

Presently, I serve as editor of the Worldly Experiences blog, writing about new education models and the future of learning.

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